Emil Thompson - Stone Carver & Artist


Directional Totems (2019)

An example of a recent commission to create 4 stone totems for the cardinal directions North, South, East and West, intended for outdoor use. The brief was open - asking only that the features of each stone in some way personified the characteristics associated with that direction.

I sourced some beautiful Derbyshire limestone - a free stone with a finely grained oolitic structure of calcium carbonate. It is completely safe to work with and can be carved in any direction with very fine detail. This receptive quality of the stone makes it a highly expressive medium, allowing for smooth and shapely sculptural forms as well as more intricate features.

For this commission, I followed the idea of truth to materials - which states that the nature of the stone should dictate the final outcome of the form. The stone heads of Modigliani were also an influence on this series.

Bird Bath (2020)

This piece was made to incorporate both Celtic and Icelandic elements. The oval bowl is inscribed with Icelandic runes and the stem shows a falcon, another Icelandic reference. The base of the work displats a celtic trinity knot or triquetra. This striking work was made from 3 rough blocks of limestone and now stands in the client's garden.

Marriage Lintel (2020)

This piece was commissioned by a couple who live in a 300 year old church near St Andrews. They wanted something to make the building more personal to them. I designed this marriage lintel in collaboration with the clients. The lettering across the doorway which reads "A Mon Seul Desir" - with my unique desire. The design on the left is based around a modified Christian marriage cross and also bears the couple's initials and the date of their marriage.